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Where do I send my check or other correspondence to?

Checks & other correspondence to:

Tech Valley Communications Online
PO Box 10188
Albany, NY 12207

Can I change how I pay for TVCOnline service?

Yes, TVCOnline subscribers have the option of paying monthly or for a full year. By paying for the year, you'll be paying for 10 months at $14.95/month and receive the last two months free.

Currently we accept cash, checks, or money orders. Checks or money orders must be made payable to:

Tech Valley Communications

For more information or other billing questions:

What happens if I do not pay?

Subscribers are billed in advance for all monthly services at the start of the billing period. Billing periods start at different dates during the month depending on the date of installation.

Subscriber payments are due within 15 days of the billing date. If payment is not received by the end of the billing period it is considered past due.

A subscriber shall be subject to disconnection if their bill remains unpaid for 30 days. A check that has been returned by the bank as non-negotiable for any reason does not constitute payment and will subject the subscriber to immediate disconnection. There is a $20 service charge on all returned checks. A subscriber who's service has been disconnected for non-payment may reinstate their service with full payment of the balance due.

Tech Valley Communications Online reserves a right to add a service fee to any account 30 or more days past due.